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Project SHARE

The SHARE (Supporting Student Health And ResiliencE) team is interested in diverse teens’ experiences at home, school, and in their communities – as well as their relationships with their families, teachers, other students, and friends. During high school and adolescence, teens' habits, feelings, cultural identity, coping, and personal strengths have a tremendous influence on their health. We are interested in the thoughts and behaviors of students, so that we can inform prevention programs delivered on school campuses. 



Increasing the number of students who are connected to positive adults and teachers, reducing risky behaviors, and improving students' mental health are foundational public health objectives. Project SHARE is designed to inform programs that help youth succeed and thrive despite the many challenges of adolescence. To do this effectively, we need to hear from students directly.


This is a 4-year longitudinal study (Academic Years 2022-26) that includes high school students from multiple states. We visit schools twice a year and invite students to join the study. Students who agree to participate will hear from us via text message or email to complete a survey. On average, the survey takes 20 minutes to complete. We will also follow-up with students to take future surveys.

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